Triple Canopy is a magazine that works with artists and writers to address critical issues that define contemporary life. Founded in 2007 as an informal, nonhierarchical, geographically dispersed editorial collective, they published their first issue in March 2008. Triple Canopy is committed to cultivating unconventional, unassimilated forms of thought and expression, and to meaningfully supporting the people who produce them. The magazine collaborates with contributors on artworks, essays, fictions, conversations, performances, and books (among other media) from conception to realization, navigating the digital and physical realms where ideas and audiences take shape. In doing so, Triple Canopy strives to not only analyze but alter the structures that influence whose voices are heard, whose stories are circulated, and whose experiences are valued.

Triple Canopy occasionally produces editions, print publications, tote bags, and other commodities. Though these objects are intrinsic to Triple Canopy’s publishing program and are meant to stimulate minds and enrich lives, the revenue they generate is crucial to the organization’s operations.

Based in New York City, Triple Canopy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, has been certified by W.A.G.E., and is a member of the Coalition of Small Arts New York City (CoSA NYC).

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