The MUST is a curated online marketplace for artist-made fashion and design. We source ethically produced functional objects from independent, professional artistic practices worldwide, making it easy for you to buy directly from artists. The MUST facilitates sales, inquiries, and logistics for both buyer and seller.

Most objects for sale on The MUST are unique or limited-edition functional collectibles. Pricing is agreed with each artist based on production costs, time invested, and their existing market context. The artists, studios, and nonprofits we work with receive up to 85% of the profit from each item. In most cases, sold items are shipped directly from the studio to the buyer, minimizing emissions and costs. Due to the unique and often customized nature of our pieces, returns are not accepted unless expressly noted on the object listing.

The MUST is co-founded by Laura González and Ana Sokoloff– art historians, colleagues and friends.They share a passion for contemporary art and artists, and a drive to grow the audiences that engage with them.

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