Founded in 2011 by Katarzyna Bury Łakomy in Poznan, Poland, WF gets its name from “wychowanie fizyczne”, which means  “physical education” in Polish. Playing with the schoolyard reference, WF takes the term literally, centering sustainability, experimentation, and healthy relationships between fashion and bodies of all types. Seeking to make custom-made clothes more accessible, every item is unique and handmade-to-measure in Poznan. WF works with high-quality natural fabrics sourced from surplus seasonal weaves produced for luxury fashion houses by local European manufacturers. As such, their color selections are subject to frequent change, and some fabrics may be available for a short time in very limited quantities. A WF piece is a custom-made wearable sculpture that is meant to be as comfortable as it is durable, with free repairs subject only to roundtrip shipping.

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